Most reef tank owners do not have access to well designed quarantine systems as they are expensive and time consuming. Many times this leads to significant losses brought on by infestations. Dipping your corals in CoralRx provides a quick, safe, and effective solution to minimize those risks.





You have found the most revolutionary coral dip in existence.

As we all know, a minor quarantine oversight can (and most times does) lead to MAJOR consequences. We at Coral Rx have done extensive hands-on research in order to bring you the latest in promoting coral health. With our combined 20 years of professional aquaculture and coral wholesale experience, we have seen nearly every coral critter in the sea.

This widespread exposure to coral species has allowed us to do extensive hands-on testing and research. We were so impressed with what we have developed, we created Coral Rx so others could share in our success. We understand the need for not only effective products, but also for comprehensive product support. We strive to provide detailed information, tips, and ongoing research results for the reef community through our regularly updated website. All the latest techniques and medications for reef aquarium pests will be discussed in depth with photographs and detailed comparisons. We invite you to learn, share, and research here at

We have personally witnessed Coral Rx eradicate the following common coral pests:

  • Acropora Eating Flatworms “AEFW”
  • Red Flatworms
  • Montipora Eating Nudibranchs
  • Zoanthid Eating Nudibranchs
  • Bristleworms
  • Zoanthid Eating Box Snails “Sundial Snails”
  • Zoanthid Eating Spiders
  • Some Filamentous “Hair” algae

…and the list just keeps getting longer!

Not only is Coral Rx effective on the above mentioned pests, it is incredibly gentle and does no damage to the host coral. As a result, repeated treatments are possible every 7-14 days to assist in breaking the life cycle of stubborn pests. Coral Rx truly takes the guesswork out of initial and recurring coral parasite elimination. Coral Rx is currently in use by various public aquariums, marine ornamental importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and private enthusiasts alike.

Coral Rx is made in the USA from natural ingredients