Should you drip acclimate the corals first before using the coral rx?

However you choose to acclimate your corals is completely up to you. The jury is still out on the best way to condition or acclimate non-swimming animals into our tanks. Clams, Anemones, and Other Inverts (which should never be directly exposed to Coral Rx) should be slowly acclimated to your tank for the best survival experience.

Corals are a different story with several ways people acclimate frags and colonies to whatever system they will eventually be housed in. Some say drip tank water into travel water over time, some temperature acclimate via bag floating, some just toss in (which we never recommend without a Coral Rx bath) with no acclimation for temp or current water parameters at all.

Whatever method you choose to use, you should always do the following recommended things:

  1. Dip your corals in Coral Rx at the recommended strength for the Coral Rx solution you are using (Regular, Pro, and/or Industrial).
  2. Always quarantine your new arrivals. A minimum of at least 7 days is suggested to observe if eggs have hatched, critters have emerged from crevices that didn’t come into contact with the dip solution, or you need to observe if RTN or STN has increased or decreased.

A quarantine protocol allows you to observe and treat issues without infecting your display tank and the healthy organisms it houses.


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