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  • I posted a reply in the other thread, but will repost here also. I am not a fan of the seltzer water. The pH is far different. I recommend the use of this product for everyone….   Taken from this post on
  • You should really give Coralrx a try. I have used TMCC in the past to dip across and they always browned out afterward from the stress. For a year now, I’ve been using Coralrx for the last year to dip SPS and zoas with minimal stress if any. Coralrx even takes care if other pests such as monti nudis, zoa nudis, zoas spiders, etc. Everything that I’ve dipped showed no stress post dip and colors right back up. I’ve never used Revive to be able to compare but I’m sticking with Coralrx.   Taken from this post on Reef2Reef
  • A question posted to Chingchai. Chingchai, I just found this thread and am in awe. I read in the beginning of this that you dipped your corals but still had trouble with Monti Cap nudi’s. What did you do to solve that problem? Thanks, Michael   Chingchai’s response.   Michael, thank you. In the past, I use Tropic Marin Pro Coral Cure to dip my corals. But can’t get rid of all the pest. I did lose some of my corals. Right now, I use CoralRX. And it is much more effective. Strongly recommend. Taken from this post on ReefCentral
  • I use a product called “CoralRX” and seems to do the trick, trouble is it kills all critters even the friendly ones that people like to receive as hitchhikers.   Taken from this post on ReefCentral
  • “I've been dipping with Coralrx. It’s a great new dipping alternative that makes minimal impact to the coral and minimal stress.”   Taken from this post on ReefCentral
  • ” I ordered some of the CoralRx about 2 weeks ago and have been dipping new corals and problem corals with this. I have dipped anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes with 2x dosage and I really like it. I have seen it kill red bugs and AEFW without hurting the coral. Previously I used TMPCC and then Revive. TMPCC was just way to harsh on my corals and Revive seemed good but just didn't seem wasn't strong enough for RB and some monti nudi. The CoralRX seem to kill just about everything, you can tell when immediately all the starfish and pods just squirm then die off. With Revive I notice a lot of starfish and pods do make it through the dips.” Taken from this post on ReefCentral